Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Design, Specs, Review, Release Date

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will have to wait some months, and there should be no hope for the end of this year. Xiaomi has been working on the bracelet for a long time, and it has been running well in all aspects, and the product is very cost-effective. If you want to start with Mi Band 7 and can’t wait for it, you can take a look at the functions that Mi Band 6 should have, and the price/performance ratio is very high.

The current Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is priced at 229 yuan, and the NFC version is priced at 275 yuan. I personally recommend that if there is a need to recommend the NFC version, plus dozens of dollars higher, but the frequency of use of multifunctional NFC in daily life is still quite high, there is no problem with the bus and subway swipe wristband, mobile payment, it is very convenient and more convenient Good to improve the quality of life.

1. Adopting a large 1.56-inch dynamic color display, 326PPI image screen quality is good and compared with the previous generation of display interface increased by 50%, displaying more information. Raising your wrist to brighten the screen is very sensitive, making it easy to check the time anytime, anywhere.

You can replace a variety of dials, built-in a variety of classic IP, SpongeBob SquarePants, Evangelion, Hatsune Miku, Detective Conan, and other 100+ theme dials can be switched at will. The UI effect of the dial is quite good.

Might we see a return of some sort of physical button on Xiaomi Mi Band 7? We wouldn’t rule it out. A good route might be something akin to the capacitive button which can be found on some Fitbit fitness bands and smartwatches.

All things considered, we don’t really expect drastic changes in the way Xiaomi Mi Band 7 looks. There’s only so much you can do with a traditional fitness band. Considering that’s it is a leader in the budget wearable space we don’t really see Xiaomi diverging too much from the tried and tested formula.

2. It supports 30 sports modes, and has 6 sports automatic recognition, sensitive and accurate measurement, and 50 meters waterproof. (It’s not recommended to really test it) At least you don’t have to worry about sweat intrusion during exercise.3. Health functions are also readily available.

The newly added blood oxygen saturation detection, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, stress detection, sleep monitoring, menstrual management functions for girls, etc., fully meet all your daily needs. Bracelet operation and logical interaction are simple and convenient. For example, in the sports interface, you can still switch to the offline payment and playback control interface, which is still very user-friendly.

4. The battery life is also very long-lasting, 14 days long battery life, support magnetic charging is safe and convenient.

5. There are other useful small functions, such as sedentary reminders, vibrating alarm clock, finding the mobile phone, setting memos, etc. In summary, the Mi Band 6 has a full-screen display, increased blood oxygen detection, complete functions, and the price is also relative. In addition, there is no compatibility problem with the Apple mobile phone and the Xiaomi sports app, and the compatibility with the ios system is quite good. If you can’t wait for the Mi Band 7 friends, you may wish to start with Mi Band 6 is also a very good choice.

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